Els Vande Kerckhove
Textile Design

Els Vande Kerckhove is a Brussels based graphic and textile designer.


Soon after the launch of her graphic design agency – ‘Something Els’ – Els started making commissioned drawings for fabric prints and woven accessories. Els was interested in and passionate about the manufacturing process of textiles, especially weaving and printing.


Els attended courses and workshops in handweaving and (digital) jacquard weaving in Belgium, Italy and Norway. She works on commissioned and personal projects such as wall hangings and textiles for the interior.

Commissioned interior textile project, wall hanging and cushions
Produced in Textiellab Tilburg (The Netherlands)
Design i.c.w. Anthony Jammes (Paris)
Commissioned by B_ild architects
— Presentation of first collection of designs for fabric prints at Première Vision, Paris (France)
— Lecture ‘Weaving anno 2019: craftmanship, industry or art?’ The link between the old Peruvian weaving, Bauhaus and contemporary weavers.
Museum of Art and History (Brussels) during the exhibition ‘Inca dress code’.
Workshop digital Jacquard handweaving on a TC2 loom, Tronrud engineering, Honefoss (Norway)
Course Jacquard weaving, Fondazione Arte della Seta Lisio, Firenze (Italy)
Woven and printed fabric design for Christophe Coppens